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Useful Tips on What Dog Owners Should Do with Anxiety, Toys and Walking

It is perfectly normal to get worried about how pet owners should take care of their dog properly. Many dog owners feel that they have given everything to their dogs right, but what they don’t realize is that there are habits they do that make it stressful for their dogs. Here are some tips that will help you make your dog livelier and stress-free. The above suggestions are perfect for any pet owners in the West Nashville, Bellevue area.  Make sure you drop by You Heavenly Dog if you want to learn more about what you can do to care for your pets. 

Dog Toys

There are stores that you can subscribe to that will arrange a package of dog treats and toys for your beloved dog. It is called the barkbox, which you need to subscribe. The contents of the box are designed to make your dog love them. Every month they send you natural treats and toys. But dogs tend to go really fast with the toys and get bored easily, especially when your dogs are very energetic and smart. The barkbox will help your dogs get excited and energized all the time.

Dog Walking

This topic is like a no-brainer for all dog owners since they think that it is the norm to walk your dog. But this is something that most dog owners forget about. It is a must for dog owners to scan ahead for anything that might be dangerous for the dog. Dogs have the tendency to find anything on the ground and eat it. This is easy yet at the same time easy to forget since owners are often on their phones and may miss something the dog has eaten. 

Another thing will help your dog is by using a front harness. There are those that use the back harness that have noticed that their dogs tend to pull them more. Unlike with the front harness, the dogs that tend to push forward will make the harness make them move right or left, which is why in the long run they will have to make the harness loose and they won’t pull you along with it.

It will also help bringing your own collapsible water bowl and bring it along so that you can give your dog some clean water when you are going on long walks.


The best and most effective thing about relieving anxiety from dogs is by putting them into exercise. What you need to do is take your dog on a one big run in a huge field and let them go do their own thing. It will help them get all the energy out of their body so that by the time they get home, they will feel relaxed. It will also avoid them from putting energy on getting anxious about everything. They will most likely just spend most of their time sleeping after the exercise. If you are very concerned, make sure to take your dog to an animal hospital.

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