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Private Grooming

This service is offered to clients whose pups do best in low-key environments. They will get the same quality grooming with a private salon all to themselves. No two clients will be serviced at the same time. No drastic up-charge. Just some great 1:1 with groomer and pup!

Brush Out and Dematting

For those who need a good brush out and dematting in between their regularly scheduled grooming services in order to best maintain a long healthy coat.

Dog De-Shedding Service

Is your dog’s shedding driving you crazy? If you have thought that there is just nothing that can be done about it, then we have good news for you! Our de-shedding process is both humane and effective at removing excess hair from your dog’s undercoat as well as the top coat that is shedding all over your home. Our process helps to reduce or eliminate a dog’s shedding for up to six weeks. Unlike shaving, the dog’s coat is only thinned out therefore the length of the coat is not reduced in any way. A clean & well groomed dog gets more cuddles. That’s good for you & good for your dog. You can request this service in addition to any of our packages or as an A La Carte option. We would love to hear from you today! Please give us a call to make your appointment or please stop by for a visit and introduce yourself! 

Pet/Dog De-skunking Service

Many of our clients choose our Dog Grooming Services to help fight all levels of pet odor issues. Being naturally curious and playful it doesn’t take long for any of our pet friends to require a healthy de-skunking service! These can be mild or severe from encounters with wildlife (like Skunks) to your pets natural odors.  Regardless of the source we use natural based shampoos and a deodorization process to send your pet home smelling fresh. You can add this service on to any of our existing packages – Like The Pearly or Angelic – or you can request it as an A La’ Carte service. Don’t let that odor linger, please give us a call 615-799-1440 to get an estimate over the phone. Or bring your friend in anytime for a visit we certainly enjoy meeting our neighbors. We are conveniently located near Bellevue off Highway 100 in Fairview. 

Nail Grind Dog Grooming Service

Are your pet’s nails going click-click-click on your tile floor? If you have never tried it yourself, animal nail clipping can be a tedious and difficult task. Done incorrectly, your pet can also suffer damage or infection. Let our professional staff grind your pet’s nails for you. Our Nail Grind helps smooth out the rough edges of your dog’s nails to reduce scratches on floors, furniture and you! Nail grinders can be used to safely trim and smooth a dog’s nails while reducing the risk of cutting the cuticle bed of the nails. We believe your animal isn’t just a pet they are a member of the family and we take great care to treat them as such. Their grooming needs are important to us and we would be glad to welcome them in to the You Heavenly Dog family. Give us a call today to book your appointment or stop by and introduce your 4 legged family member. We are conveniently located near Bellevue off Highway 100 in Fairview. 

Paw Protector Service

Does your pet have rough paw issues? We would love to take care of that with our famous Paw Protector! It helps rehydrate those ruff paws and protects your pets paws against the elements such as ice, salty roads, hot asphalt and more! The old saying states that in order to truly know someone, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. That isn’t really possible when it comes to our four-legged buddies, who tend to go barefoot, but — at the very least — we can protect their paws. You can add this service on to any of our existing packages – Like Pearly or Angelic – or you can request it as an A La’ Carte service.Healthy paws are an essential part of an animals quality of life. Give us a call 615-799-1440 to learn more about this service and get an estimate over the phone or bring your fury pal in anytime.

Dog Grooming Made Simple

We hate nickeling and diming just as much as the next guy. That’s why at You Heavenly Dog we’ve done our very best to make sure that our grooming services are straightforward and considerate of you and your wallet. To make matters even more simple, we’ve created a set of three grooming packages specially designed to get you the biggest bang for your buck and your best friend into tip top shape in record time. Click to book your Pearly, Angelic, or Heavenly package today!

Our Service Area


Conveniently located off Hwy 100 for our Fairview and Bellevue clients. Check out our services and give us a call today! You Heavenly dog proudly serves the dog grooming needs around Fairview and Bellevue Tennessee.  With packages to give you easy and low cost options for most of our Dog's needs.  Need something more custom?  No worries, any of our grooming services can be requested on a per service or A La' Carte service format.  Hoping to be your Fairview & Bellevue Dog Grooming choice for years to come - please come see us at You Heavenly Dog.

NEW SERVICES: Private Grooming & Brush Out and Dematting

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