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Directions to You Heavenly Dog Groomer from Bellevue

Located just west of Bellevue, we are a short 10-minute drive. Many of our customers work in Bellevue and Nashville and live in Fairview. Drop your puppy or pooch off for their dog grooming appointment on your way through. We’re happy to help work with your schedule to help find a convenient time for you.

1707 Fairview Blvd Ste 100

Fairview, TN 37062


Located Just West of the Loveless Cafe!

If you’ve been to one of Bellevue’s Treasure’s, the Loveless Cafe, you’ve already been within a few miles of You Heavenly Dog! We’re just a few miles West off Hwy 100 & Cobb Blvd. Stop in or book an appointment online in just a couple of seconds.

More about Us and our Bellevue TN Dog Grooming Services

Voted the “Best of Fairview” for the last 4 years straight, we give your dog a fantastic grooming experience at a price that doesn’t break your budget.  At You Heavenly Dog we don’t service just you, but we truly care about your pet’s level of comfort and care as well. We do so with a stress-free environment and full relaxation for each of our guests. We’ve organized our Bellevue dog grooming services into two forms – A’ la Carte if you just need a single service or get some savings by ordering one of our three simple packages. Pearly, Angelic or Heavenly.  

Our Grooming Packages

Have a look at some of our Bellevue based competitors reviews and you’ll soon see that simple, transparent and affordable pricing is a major pain point for many in Bellevue.  We’ve created three easy packages so you can have more control your grooming services and stop the “Nickle and Dime” feeling from the start.  It is important to note that all dog breeds have different grooming needs, so pinning down an exact price online isn’t always possible but we’ll work hard to make sure you are well informed of the possible costs. 

Pearly Grooming Package

Our Pearly package includes a very relaxing bath followed by a full coat brush and Nail Groom.  Also included in the packages is an ear refresher (especially helpful for specific dog Breeds).  Finish it off with a minty fresh breath spray for a fresh, relaxed and refreshed look. Your furry friend will love it. 

Angelic Grooming Package

Does your dog need a trim?  Add up everything from the Pearly Package and add a nice trim and you’ll have everything in our Angelic package.  The Angelic was created to help those that want to refresh their dog’s look but aren’t ready yet for that full groom.  This keeps it affordable while giving your dog a great look refresh you’ll love.  

Heavenly Grooming Package

Our most popular package is the Heavenly.  It combines all of the great elements of the Pearly – a refreshing and relaxing bath nails Groomed, ears refreshed and a minty breath spray – and adds a full groom, cut and style!  

Other Service Options

Self Serve Dog Wash! – (New Service)

Need a great dog washing station?  We’ve recently added a self service dog washing station as a stand alone option for our Bellevue and Fairview customers.  We provide natural shampoos, towels and general washing items, all you need to do is bring your dog in and leave smelling fresh and clean!

Our Prices are

10$ for small Breeds

15$ for Larger Breeds

20$ for Larger Breeds

Dog De-Skunking

Many of our clients choose our Dog Grooming Services to help fight all levels of pet odor issues. Being naturally curious and playful it doesn’t take long for any of our pet friends to require a healthy de-skunking service!  Addressing pet odors and a regular process of keeping your pet well groomed and a joy to be around!  We only use natural shampoos. You can add this service on to any of our existing packages – Like The Pearly or Angelic – or you can request it as an A La’ Carte service. Don’t let that odor linger, please give us a call 615-799-1440 to get an estimate over the phone or bring your friend in anytime we certainly enjoy meeting our neighbors.



Is your dog’s shedding driving you crazy? If you have thought that there is just nothing that can be done about it, then we have good news for you! Our de-shedding process (also known as carding or stripping) strips away your dog’s undercoat as well as the top coat that is shedding all over your home. This process helps to reduce or eliminate a dog’s shedding for up to six weeks. Unlike shaving, the dog’s coat is only thinned out therefore the length of the coat is not reduced in any way. A clean & well groomed dog gets more cuddles. That’s good for you & good for your dog. You can request this service in addition to any of our packages or as an A La Carte option. We would love to hear from you today! Please give us a call to make your appointment or please stop by for a visit and introduce yourself!

Nail Grind

Are your pet’s nails going click-click-click on your tile floor? If you have never tried it yourself, animal nail clipping can be a tedious and difficult task. Done incorrectly, your pet can also suffer damage or infection. Let our professional staff grind your pet’s nails for you. Our Nail Grind helps smooth out the rough edges of your dog’s nails to reduce scratches on floors, furniture and you! Nail grinders can be used to safely trim and smooth a dog’s nails while reducing the risk of cutting the cuticle bed of the nails. We believe your animal isn’t just a pet they are a member of the family and we take great care to treat them as such. Their grooming needs are important to us and we would be glad to welcome them in to the You Heavenly Dog family. Give us a call today to book your appointment or stop by and introduce your 4 legged family member. We are conveniently located near Bellevue off Highway 100 in Fairview.

Paw Protector

Does your pet have rough paw issues? We would love to take care of that with our famous Paw Protector! It helps rehydrate those ruff paws and protects your pets paws against the elements such as ice, salty roads, hot asphalt and more! The old saying states that in order to truly know someone, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. That isn’t really possible when it comes to our four-legged buddies, who tend to go barefoot, but — at the very least — we can protect their paws. You can add this service on to any of our existing packages – Like Pearly or Angelic – or you can request it as an A La’ Carte service.Healthy paws are an essential part of an animals quality of life. Give us a call 615-799-1440 to learn more about this service and get an estimate over the phone or bring your fury pal in anytime.

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Some Common Dog Grooming Questions.

Hopefully, you can find your answers here.
If you can’t, please don’t hesitate to call us at (615) 799-1440

Do all dogs need to be groomed?

Proper grooming is likely an integral part of every single dog breed’s life. That said, some are much more labor intensive than others and you may be able to complete a lot of this at home. Check with the recommended grooming Calendar for your dog breed.

What environment are the dogs kept in?
We strive to be more than just a dog groomer and treat your pets like a full doggy day spa!  Our location is clean and low stress! Learn more About Us -> 
How can I soothe my dog's anxiety over going to the groomer?
Your dog may be anxious at the groomer’s because he’s not used to being handled in sensitive areas, like the muzzle, eyes, ears, paws, tail, and groin. To help ease the stress of being handled, trainer Mikkel Becker recommends saying a cue like “ears”, when you touch his ears, and then immediately giving him a treat or reward, so he associates being touched with a positive experience.
This is my first pet, how does this work?
Congratulations on the new special pet in your life!  Contact us by phone,(615-799-1440) email, Facebook or our online booking. Book your appointment. Bring your pet in and we take care of the rest!
Do you groom any pets other than dogs?
Unfortunately, at this time, we only offer dog grooming services. Our services include  trimming nails, De-skunking, bathing, Trimming, de-shedding and much more!

NEW SERVICES: Private Grooming & Brush Out and Dematting

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