As we get into the full-swing of summer, playing outdoors in the hot sun with our pets becomes a frequent event. Just this week we had temps in the upper 90’s. Just as we prepare ourselves to enter the heat and the exposure of the sun, we need to prepare our furry friends in the same manner.

Keeping your pet cool and comfortable becomes a top priority in order to avoid placing unnecessary stress on your pet and keeping your pet safe from potentially life-threatening dehydration and heat-stroke. Here we’ve outlined 5 ways to keep your pet safe and comfortable this summer.

5 Tips for Dog Owners in Hot Weather:

  1. Remember that grooming your dog with a very short 10 blade can cause certain dogs to get sunburned (especially if they have a pink skin tone). It is very important to allow them the length in their coat that will offer them the protection they need to stay safe in the summer.
  2. Grooming year round is a necessity. This can help your dog stay healthy, feeling great, and even help you cut costs on certain vet bills. During the summer we get a lot of 1 time customers. Keep in mind that just like you need to bathe regularly, your pet must be groomed regularly. Your god will need to be groomed at least every 3 months in order for his/her skin and coat to stay in tip top shape.
  3. Do you have a dog with a long coat who sheds a lot? Looking for ways to keep him cool for the summer? Shaving your double coated dog is not always the answer. Talk to your groomer about a thorough de-shedding process. Not all double coated dogs should be shaved. A de-shed will help loosen that undercoat and have them clean and cool for the summer.
  4. Just because it is hot doesn’t mean you will want to bathe your dog weekly. Keep in mind that their skin can be very sensitive and you will want to space out your baths (even if they do get a little stinky from rolling in the mud or playing at the park).
  5. The pads on your pet’s feet are sensitive. We strongly recommend you purchasing a pad wax and using it as often as directed by the manufacturer. Hot concrete, gravel, etc. can be damaging to your pet’s pads and can even cause heat blisters and rips and tears in the pads. Make sure you are keeping his/her pads hydrated and polished and most importantly think about the temperature of the ground you are having him/her walk on. Would you feel comfortable walking on that hot surface?

Our dogs are one of our most prized possessions and closest of companions. You take good care of your dog and ensuring that they have everything they need to face the summer heat is just another way that you can say thank you to the pet that would give their left paw for you.

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